Tripleseat Updates

January 2018 Updates

PDF Export to a Single Document
The PDF download is now available in two ways, the way it always has where you receive a zip file of all the PDF separate or now you can have one long PDF. The default has been changed for a single PDF of all the documents to download.


Email Template Included in Guest Reply
When using email templates to send discussions, the template message can now be included in your guests response. This can be turned on for specific discussion email templates in
settings → discussion email templates → edit the template → check off the box include email in guest response.


To learn more please watch the video

Lost Reason Drop Down
When an event is lost, it defaults to a free hand text box, now that can be changed to a drop down list. This will allow you to have set responses if your business chooses.

To learn more and how to turn the feature on watch the video here

Guest Portal Links


The guest portal links allow one to send direct links to their customers to allow them to log into the guest portal (similar to the direct link for documents). This is the same link as the view this event at the bottom of the discussion. This is helpful if you have a client you want to share the guest portal without going through discussions.

F&B Minimum to have Fee’s Added if Included in the Bill
When the food and beverage minimum is not met and the remaining amount is added to the final bill, additional fee’s such as gratuity, sales tax or administration fee can be applied. When the f&b minimum is not hit it should easily allow the event to have all the correct financials.


Booking Layout Update
Saving clicks. No longer is there a need to type in the booking information and event information. Now your booking details will automatically populate from the event and if you need to adjust it click edit right under the event name.


Billing Widget Improvements
We restructured how billings are calculated. Most of these improvements are under the hood and won’t be visible in daily operations but they will make it easier for us to improve the billing widget in the future, allow us to more thoroughly test the billing rules, and give us the ability to recalculate the billings for an event on the fly. One improvement that some users may notice is certain financial changes will no longer require editing and saving a document to update the billing totals.

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