How do I integrate my lead form to Facebook

To integrate your Tripleseat lead form to your business's Facebook page, you need two things:

A facebook page for your businesss:
If you do not have a page for your business on Facebook, you will need to create one. Creating a page is simple, and only takes a few minutes. 

A Tripleseat lead form already created:
Your page should already have one, but additional lead forms can be created through 
Settings > Lead Forms > + New Lead Form 
More information on customizing a lead form is available here.

If you have over 2,000 fans (under 2,000 fans, please scroll further down):
Once you have a page and a lead form created, click here and follow the on-screen instructions. This will add the Tripleseat application to your Facebook Page.

The instructions will ask you to specify which page that you want to add the Tripleseat lead form to. It will show a drop-down listing of pages that you are an administrator for, that you can select from.

After selecting this, you will see a success message. Though there is a link on that message stating to click on it to complete setup, this isn't necessary and can sometimes cause an error.

Instead, log into your business page. Here you will see an option to the left listed as Private Dining. This is one place that your customers can access your lead form. But first we'll need to set that up. Click on this.



Click on the newly created Private Dining tab on your page and enter in your email address where prompted. It will then list out the available lead forms for your Tripleseat account.

Please keep in mind that one lead form can only be linked to one Facebook page, so if you aren't seeing the form that you want, it is probably already in use, and you may need to create another form.

The name of the 'Private Dining' tab can be changed if you click the 'Settings' link in Facebook -> click 'Edit Page' in the left hand menu -> click 'Settings' next to 'Private Dining' -> click 'edit settings' -> enter the new name in the 'Custom Tab Name:' field, click 'Okay' and 'Save'.

Once you've selected the lead form to use, you are all set!

If you have under 2,000 fans:

Since facebook now requires you to have 2,000 fans to add a tab, the following will show you how to add or edit a button to link them to your lead form. If you'd like to track the leads from facebook, you would need to create a new lead form titled "Facebook Leads" so that you can tell where the leads came from. New Lead Forms can be created by going to Settings > Lead Forms > + New Lead Form.

Log into your facebook page as the admin of the page and go to your business page. Below your Cover Photo you should see either "Send Message" OR "+ Add a Button".

If you see a "Send Message" button, click it and choose Edit button. If you see "+ Add a Button" just click it.

On Step 1 choose "Book with you", choose Book Now (this text is not editable) and click Next.

Scroll to "Link to Website", click it and paste in the website for your Lead Form (if tracking facebook leads, you will need to link the "Facebook Leads" lead form). If you do not have the Lead Form hosted on your own website, you can use the link of the form we host for you. This can be found by logging into Tripleseat and clicking Settings > Lead Forms > View Live Page. The URL will be in your browsers address bar.

To see how this will look to your visitors on facebook, click the 3 dots (…) to the left of your new Book Now button and choose "View as Page Visitor".

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