Make Lost Reason A Drop Down Menu

To have a Drop Down menu to record Lost reasons instead of a Text box, you will first need to be a user that has access to the Preferences Settings for your Tripleseat account. You will then use the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings -> Preferences -> Dropdowns
  2. Scroll down to Event Lost Reasons
  3. By adding more choices this will automatically enable the drop down in the event editing page and in the event details report.
  4. "Allow Explanation" check mark allows for a text box to add more information
  5. Other can not be edited or removed
  6. Click "Update"

If you choose to enable the Lost Reason drop down menu, you will be able to choose Lost Reason and Lost Reason Details which will show the Explanation if allowed in the Event Details Report.

To turn off the Drop Down menu you can go back to the Preferences page and delete the reasons you created to only leave the "Other" reason. When deleting a reason, it will prompt you to select which value to replace this with.

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